A Day in the Life of an Ordinary Artist

Today I jumped! I am facing the new age of Social Media, starting a blog to share my art and experiences of my journey. I have painted for many years, however, I’ve always had a so called ‘real’ job in conjunction…just in case the art thing didn’t work out. I believe other artists may know what I mean. So many people I’ve met along the way have mentioned in passing how they had dreams of being an artist, but, bills and life got in the way. It’s a track that is easy to take. It’s scary to have a mortgage, a family to support, horses, pets, bills, a renovation project and to not have that steady income providing you with the sense of stability. These are my reality too. Nevertheless, I have an incredible desire to create art and having a full time (and a part time) job doesn’t really leave one with a lot of art time. Something I have found to be helpful in my life is to feed my soul. It’s my belief that one must nourish oneself with high vibrational foods, fresh organic fruits and vegetables. Juice each day if one can. Exercise and keep some kind of healthy practice such as qi gong, tai chi or yoga! You’ve heard the saying move it or loose it?! Sometimes I struggle too on a day to day basis, though I don’t punish myself if I skip a day either. One could say “I don’t have time for those things” or “I’m too tired”, “That’s a selfish practice, I can’t do it” though in reality I have found for myself these are the things that really nourish me. These things give the energy to get up in the morning with a little spring in your step and the willingness to try again. I am grateful for this knowledge and my determination to make a go at this. And, after studying social media for a couple weeks and becoming overwhelmed I simply took off a bite size piece of the pie. Today, I started a blog. Step one!

The painting I have included is called Deippe Rooftops, Oil on Panel, 5 x 7″


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