30 Day ARt Challenge~day 3

Ah, another day has flown by and I stayed on task with my 30 day challenge~day 3. But, by the skin of my teeth I might add. I started with great conviction and even dawdled around out with the horses, treated hooves for thrush, cleaned stalls and hugged the animals. I went into town and picked up my supplies and worked here and there on the painting throughout the day feeling oh so confident that I would have not a trouble in the world. Then as 8pm drew close I started to have that tired panicky feeling. This painting wasn’t going as smoothly as I suspected. Sometimes we try so hard we loose sight of the goal to have fun and not to let it become a struggle. The fluidity faulters when one ‘has to make it work!’ Clinging to perfection, scared of becoming a failure…oh mind you are a callous fickle thing. So, I pushed and pulled the paint, flipped it upside down, side ways and upside down again. Comparing it to the original and finally relaxing back into the moment and  simply doing the best I can do for now! It’s OK…I don’t think anyone here is going to kill me. So, here is Sam Stanley’s dog Zula. Not perfect, but, OK!!!


  • Sam’s Zula
  • watercolor on 300lb hotpress paper
  • 5 x 7″
  • $100

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