Day 4 ~ Painting a Day Art Challenge

Today, I painted Heleen van Tongeren-Bouman’s puppy Maks at eight weeks old. I simplified the background to a light wash rather than to get into fussy detail. I found the sketching fairly comfortable and the painting somewhat more challenging. I did ease into things a little more easily today though than yesterday and I am grateful for that. I recognize my tendency to start thinking about sales! That sticky little mind again interfering in the flow and rhythm. I was able to let go by realizing this is about honing my skills and getting my work out there it’s not entirely about making the sales mark.  It’s hard not to cling to this idea though my mind seems to have some different ideas where that is concerned. When my mind does wander I notice I become tight and inflexable in my work. I can see it happening, but, it’s so hard to let go. I sense that I need to feel some discomfort in this process for there will be no growth if I simply sail through this with no inner turmoil. One simply doesn’t grow in complete comfort. The goal and my method have to be balanced. If I become overwhelmed then I don’t accomplish anything. So, here I am again. I made it through day 4 and I am still eager to start again tomorrow.

If anyone else is interested in submitting photos for me to paint please feel free to send them along. My e-mail address


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