Day 6 ~ Thirty Day Art Challenge

Today’s art challenge was a peaceful and pleasant experience.  I felt no stress what so ever despite having so many other obligations on my plate today and considering this whole challenge I didn’t even consider that some days it’s just not practical sitting in the studio all day long. Still, I made a commitment and I’m doing my best to following through. I painted Sabine Reynoso dog Nala sitting in a big fresh pile of hay. Nala is is such a beautifully colorful dog and I really haven’t done her justice. I feel i may like to revisit her in oils at some point down the road, but, for now I will stick to my experimentations with watercolor…and, as it’s been going white acrylic! Thank you Sabine for sending along your images of Nala she is gorgeous!

  • Sabine’s Nala
  • Watercolor and Acrylic on 300lb hot press paper
  • unmatted and unframed
  • $100

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