Day 7 ~ Painting a Day Challenge

Wow, here I am again after an entire week of painting a pet portrait a day. I’m so thrilled to have made it this far and to still be sane…or, at least I think I am?! Some may question that fact?! I chose to paint my friend Kandra Palmer’s little shitzu today. Her name is Mini and she is a sweet little bundle of fur as you can tell. In the photo supplied to me she had been playing in the snow and had it all over her nose and lips. I did try to portray that, but, think I have fallen short on making it obvious to the viewer. Her colors are so subtle and the very light blue tinted snow flakes blended with her fur. Today’s challenge was an interesting one simple in so many ways though I find subtleness is sometimes more difficult to paint than dark bold distinquished patterns of a much more defined coat. Her eyes were barely visible through her bangs and difficult to portray. The overall feeling of today’s painting was fairly relaxed and after a few good days mentally I’m really starting to think I can follow through with this challenge. Around day 3 I seriously wondered if I could keep up this pace. I realize though it’s like exercise once you do it for seven days or so it becomes a habit…like brushing your teeth or eating breakfast. It’s not so bad right and I feel there’s been a shift in my conciousness over this whole process. I’m really enjoying this! In fact I’m feeling so optomistic about my ability to keep this up that I was considering another challenge for next month. Artist and friend Tom Kelley had sketches of hands and feet all over his studio wall…hmmm! Now for you artists’ that have painted hands and feet you know that’s a considerable challenge to take on, but, one must imagine after painting them daily for a month one would have to grow. Anyway, back to the present!!

  • Kandy’s Mini
  • Watercolor on 300lb hot press
  • 5 x 7″
  • $100

I’m still accepting submissions of folks animal photographs. If you would like to have your pet painted you can send me an image via facebook or e-mail me at

Thanks for reading.


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