Day 10 ~ Painting a Day Challenge


Day 10 of my painting a day challenge and I decided to paint family friend Sean McGinnen’s pride and joy Parker. This was a very interesting painting to work on. There was some trepidation in getting started, but, I really enjoyed it. And, while I didn’t get the minute scales depicted here I did attempt to get the pattern’s true to likeness. I loved the way the curves of flesh bent and swirled around and the dark patterns on the skin changed shape according to the bend.  Sean produced Parker, a pastel spider ball python last year and it’s his biggest acheivement in his reptile life. It is his first two gene animal and Pastel and Spider are the two genes. A lesson for me I know very little of snakes though I do like them and enjoyed learning more from Sean. Thanks Sean for sending along Parker’s photos for the painting challenge…that was fun!

  • Sean’s Parker
  • watercolor on 300lb hot press
  • 5 x 7″
  • $100

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