Day 14 ~ Painting a Day Challenge

Day 14 ~ The Hare

Today I’m feeling better and grateful. Here I focused on a hare that I photographed some time ago while walking Stanpit Marsh in the UK. England seems to be filled with these wild rabbits or hares. They are often seen as a nuisance by farmers and gardeners. Of course, I believe we’ve all heard of the mischievous Peter Rabbit of Beatrix Potter fame? The hares are visable if one is consciously aware otherwise they receed into the back drop of the Englaish countryside. I had fun with the bramble here in the background and could have taken it further though kept it relatively uncomplicated. I’m left again with the feeling I’d really like to work this subject again to make a more dynamic painting. I like this subject it reminds me of my childhood home and seems so typical of England to me.  So, it was a comforting painting and seemed most appropriate for the day.  I would like to work a more completed painting similar to this sketch in the future, maybe in oils? As always thanks for taking a look and for reading my blog notes!

  • The Hare
  • 7 x 5″
  • Watercolor on 300lb hotpress
  • $100

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