Day 15 ~ Painting a Day Challenge

Belgian Mare and foal

Day 15 ~ I was so happy to paint this today! Here is a Belgian mare and her foal. I met them ‘downeast’ sometime ago. (That’s Maine for those of you that have not heard the expression). I have many shots of this mama and her foal in thier Belgian herd and have long thought to paint them. Today was like a gentle therapy for me. I’m slowly arriving back into my routine and so incredibly grateful for wellness. I have to state how rich wellness is our lives! My thought process today went to a place of learning and recognition. While I learn to use this medium of watercolor I share it and my thoughts with whomever wants to pay attention.  I realize that while you are reading this you are actively learning more about me, my thoughts, trails and efforts. In your responses to me each day I am also passively learning more about each of you. I learning who cares to speak out encouraging my efforts. Who enjoys art and animals. Who will take the time to recognize this small gesture of a commitment I made to myself.  It is heartwarming. And, as this mare nurtures this foal I feel nurtured by you kind people that have taken a moment to read my thoughts and view my paintings, good or bad. Life feels good and kind! I appreciate each of you! Thank you!


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