Day 18 ~ Painting a Day Challenge

Marys Nicholas

Day 18 ~ All of a sudden I realize this challenge is more than half way to it’s conclusion. I’m having feelings of not wanting to end this now habit. Each day this goal has given me a sense of accomplishment. Not in any such terms as saving the world from greed, hate or delusion, but, simply a humble sense of self acheivement. The mere fact of setting an intention and following through seems to be a catalyst for a sense of well being. I highly recommend this practice to others. I see how if one finds themself perceiving a loss or feeling bewildered on which step to take next in life that this is helpful! Today I made an attempt at painting Mary Cullen’s old friend Nicholas whom was a horse recogonized for his achievements. He was quite verbal and probably the funniest and bravest horse Mary had ever known! He became quite famous in the world of equitation and had a Career Achievement award honoring his name.  I can’t say my likeness is a true one however?! This painting was more challenging than others I’ve worked on so far as reference material was from older photographs without super clarity.  So, Mary this may not look like your Nicholas, but, I did want to share his story and this rendition of him despite my uncertainty of whether this represents Nick to you!


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