Day 19 ~ Painting a Day Challenge

Opal watercolor 4x4 sml

Hmmm, well I have to admit today’s challenge didn’t really happen! I had to start a new large commission as I have a deadline to meet and while I did earnestly sketch an actual challenge piece I did not quite get it to the point of wanting to apply paint.  Instead I have photographed a small watercolor I did of my fellow grandma in crime’s little pug Opal. I should also note I need to step out of the studio again this coming weekend. I am travelling to Narnia Stables in CT to surround myself with fellow Straightness Training peeps.  So, I will focus on the horse clinic Friday, Sat and Sun and return to my challenge on Monday when I return. I am beyond happy to get some horse time in…those of you in the NE of USA know it’s been a long snowy winter and personally I’m longing for bare ground so I can work with my horses. The snow has been wonderful at keeping me in the studio, but, there comes a time when I simply have to put down my brushes and this weekend is one of those times. Thanks so much for watching this space.


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