Day 22 ~ Painting a Day Challenge

Chickens Challenge

Day 22 ~ After several days off from my challenge to travel today I’m back to the drawing board. Though now the snow has melted and much warmer temperatures have arrived here in NH it is difficult to sit at my easel. There are so many things to do outdoors. So, in the final days of this challenge I may simply work on quick sketches?  Today, I worked on a couple of our family chickens photographed by my daughter in law Sofia Lihkter. I really enjoyed the girl up front as she takes a step forward to reveal another girl off in the distance. I didn’t work hard trying to figure much out here and I took a relaxed approach to this painting which is something I have wanted to achieve as a result of this challenge. I struggle though with the idea that perhaps a relaxed approach may just appear as ‘I don’t care approach?!’ Of course, I realize if I didn’t care I wouldn’t be here.  As always thanks for taking a look!


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