Day 27 ~ Painting a Day Challenge

Heleens Rooster

Day 27 ~ Wow, I am close to an entire month of painting at least one painting a day! Admittedly, I did miss a couple days due to being ill and a few were slap dash though the fact remains I am close to meeting my goal. I’m a wee bit impressed with myself!!! Today’s challenge was one of those slap dash days you may be able to tell!? And, I have to say it was really fun! This is Heleen’s ‘Hennie petite’. I had to laugh at the very impreciseness of my brush strokes. Most days I do a little sketch in the morning. I take a break and go do something with the horses or take the dogs out in the woods. Then later in the day or early evening I get my paints out. When I first started this challenge is was, on several days, an entire day long process! I was pulling my hair out wondering what on earth I had done to myself. I persevered and made it through by lessening my expectation of perfection and by putting in some audiobooks or podcasts to help me through. Tonight, I put in music for the first time in 26 days! It created a nice shift and today I didn’t even draw (you may be able to tell)!? I put paint to paper, no lines to restrict me, no idea of what would happen simply putting brush to paper and letting go.


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