Day 30 ~ Painting a Day Challenge

Bella and Honey

Day 30 ~ Here I am on the last evening of a painting a day challenge that I set as a goal for myself for the duration of 30 days. I am out of my studio today and in a hotel room with rather poor lighting, minimal time and reduced to using my rather minimal travel watercolor kit. I pondered options and decided today I would paint Bella and Honey two milking goats at Sunshine Acres Farm in Goshen, NH owned by Sofia Wilhelmiina! Honey has lived with us for about a year and Bella was picked up only a few days ago and acclimating. I loved this photo of them getting acquainted it juxtaposed their markings beautifully.

In terms of this challenge I have stretched the gamut of emotions from excited and eager, to stress and strained to then find my determination. I’ve loved it, I’ve not loved it. I’ve noticed my holding and then letting go and finding a relaxation and ease.  My overall experience has been a sense of well being during this period and that is comforting.  I see some paintings are better than others, some subjects moved me more on one day than another and some imagines I didn’t even attempt. I do apologize to those that sent images that I did not use. If you would still like to have your pet painted you can contact me anytime through facebook, or visit my Etsy shop, e-mail me or call me. Typically. in my regular life, I take many days, sometimes weeks and even a month or more to produce a completed painting. A painting a day has taught me to let go of my typical habits. I may even feel a little lost not continuing with this challenge? Though, with that said I will also find more time to hike with my dogs, work with my horses and get more done around the farm. I want to thank all my wonderful supporters and well wishers you made my determination stick! You are awesome!!


4 comments on “Day 30 ~ Painting a Day Challenge

  1. Heidi, Congratulations on your month of daily creations. I have, each day, looked forward to seeing your art and reading your blog. You have managed to place in your schedule of important things a place for art and I feel fortunate to have been included by your blog and postings. Thank you!


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