Art Challenge ~ Fruit & Veg ~ Day 1


Today I made the decision to start another art challenge for myself to help increase my art skills and to produce 30 paintings of foods that I love.  And, let’s face it consuming fresh raw organic fruit and veg daily is proven to support a healthy mind and body! Plus, fruit and veg are simply beautiful subjects to paint. I am particularly keen on supporting local and organic produce because I believe in the beneficial aspects of abstaining from the use of toxic chemical pesticides and of supporting our local economy.  Though, with that said, I’m sure I will not resist getting some exoctic varieties in here too. Personally I am rather obessessed with apples! Granny Smiths to be exact, but, today I painted this lovely red apple. I love an apple as my daily treat cut and dipped in tahini or if I’m feeling flush some almond butter…this is positively a delicious  delight for me and too the perfect fruit to start my challenge. I have anticipated painting this subject matter for so very many years. First I had the idea of displaying them in a local coop or health food store, however, what inspired me to take the plunge right now is my son, Alexander Lorenz of Sunshine Acres Organic Farm, Goshen, NH. Alex and his partner Sofia Likhter will be participating in Newport, NH’s Farmers Market this year and the first market day will be this Friday 19th May, 2017. I wanted to dedicate these paintings to their love of the environment, their creativity on the farm and all their hard work in making their dreams a reality. Keeping it simple, supporting the local economy and bringing up their little girl and our family on raw delicious farm to table delights.

  • red apple sketch
  • 4 x 4″
  • Oil on oil primed panel
  • $50

All art is available feel free to contact me for details

603 863-3385


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