Art Challenge ~ Fruit & Veg ~ Day 2


Ah, I do not like to be repetitive, nonetheless, apples truly are a delightful topic to paint. I enjoy the subtle shifts in color that are needed to make the apple appear to have shape and dimension. After only my second day into this challenge I had to make a day long road trip delivering paintings to my gallery reps at Ingram Art & Antiques in the beautiful Wiscasset, ME. If you are in that area they are definitely worth a visit. So this evening arriving home late I needed a subject I could paint quickly. So, here you have a rough and ready Granny Smith apple, my favorite of all the apples out there! I haven’t tried to paint this perfectly it is crude with little change in hues and no complimentary colors dotted in to help make it more lively. The stem is the same color as the leaves and it’s OK tomorrow is another day and I hope for a little more variety in my subject matter.

  • Granny Smith sketch
  • 4 x 4″
  • Oil on Linen Panel
  • $50.00 unframed

603 863-3385


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