Art Challenge ~ Fruit & Veg ~ Day 5


Today’s painting as you can see are cherries. An antioxidant rich superfood with so many benefits including being used as sleep aid. Did you know cherries are a natural source of melatonin? That’s not all either they are an anti anflamatory, they help with fat metabolism, and they can also reduce the risk of cancer. There are literally so many healthy aspects to this delightful fruit. I especially love the crisp tart ones and I look forward to the annual cherry harvests each year. In this painting I used a nice think oil with no medium. As an oil painter I have always looked to a medium to ‘help’ keep that flowing brush it has taken a lot of time for me to catch on to the delight of using a loaded brush with only paint on it. I found you are better able to mix paint right on the artwork rather than mixing on the palette. Thanks for taking a look!

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