Art Challenge ~ Fruit & Veg ~ Day 6


I decided to paint onions today! I remember painting onions many years ago back when I first started painting. I was impressed then at my ability in portraying them successfully. I painted those same onions several times and each time sold the artwork.  A stroke of my young ego at the time was healthy. So, with that fond memory in mind I thought I’d paint this subject in a jiffy! That is however not what happened. These onions I find are disappointing. Have you ever noticed when you set a task with expectations of ease and instant success things can go awry? Nevertheless, I do realize this only exists if you cling to your own assumptions! Anyway, I have willingly let go of this defeat and am still sharing it with you despite my unease at how I have left it! There is always another day. In fact these onions represent my day as a whole…it was more difficult that I would have hoped for, but, I am grateful or another day and another try with a new vision and a fresh mind.  An interesting fact about onions. Did you know onions have been cultivated for over 5000 years making them one of the oldest crops cultivated?


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