Art Challenge ~ Fruit & Veg ~ Day 7


Here is the red bell pepper! Did you know out of all the bell peppers the red has the most vitamin C? It also contains phytochemicals and carotenoids too that provide you with antioxidants and aids as an anti-inflammatory. There are many benefits to eating the red bell pepper although taste alone is enough for me. I’m a big fan of the pepper family.

This is small a 4 x 3″ linen on gessoed panel. The time I spend on these paintings varies day to day, although, I guesstimate between each painting and writing my blog I may spend two hours focused on this projecteach day . Typically I can spend exponentially more time on a painting that is not in the scope of my daily challenge. The goal here is to produce something fun consistently. It’s like an exercise before I get into more detailed work on my easel. It’s a helpful tool to loosen me up and I’ve become keen on challenging myself publically in order to hold myself accountable. Thinking more about this I should probably do a yoga daily challenge too! Thanks again for looking! I’m always open to hearing about challenges in your life too. Feel free to share here with me anytime!


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