Daily Art Challenge ~ Fruit & Veg ~ Day 9


Today I was drawn to the peach! Peaches are positively one of the most delicious fruit out there in my opinion. There is nothing as tactile and delicious as picking a peach from the tree and eating it right away. This painting was the highlight of my day. It was a tough one. I felt a mild headache although after treating myself with yoga a walk around the lake, a hot bath and a nap I was able to pull it together this evening. I truly enjoyed the ease of this painting. The peach tones where pleasing to me and the simplicity of form gave me a sense of fullness, contentment even! I like to contemplate our fleeting minds from a painful morning to an easeful quietude this evening. Life is good. It is helpful to be mindful of what and how we are feeling. Not complaining or trying to avoid the experience, but, recognizing it and understanding this will not last. We can ride this storm…all of us! My heart was so turbulant after hearing of the terror attack in Manchester, UK this morning. It’s hard to understand the mentality of such an act and gut wrenching to consider the individuals harmed and the families touched so deeply by the impact of this devastation.




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