Daily Art Challenge ~ Fruit & Veg ~ Day 10


Today I was outside with family eating strawberries and wondered how it took me ten days to even consider this fruit. The strawberry is a favorite to so many and has health benefits such as boosting the immune system, supporting healthy eye function, maintaining normal blood pressure, preventative for heart desease, lowers cholesterol and the risk of arthritis plus helps with nervous system regulation. This is not a complete list of claims either. Health benefits abound are enticing enough so combine that with it’s alluring appearance and magical taste who can resist them? Of course, keeping it organic is a must if you really want to take advantage of these health benefits. What would be the point of eating such delightful fruit covered in toxic pesticides? The painting process today was relatively simple though the seeds were a task that I could have spent much longer on. I always love to paint reds with it’s complementary color green. I’m not sure about the background color though didn’t want to spend too much time working out another variation. So, overall, a pleasing day and pleasant painting experience.


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