Daily Art Challenge ~ to be or not to be?

Bratt West River 12x12-sml

I appear to be slacking in the scope of this art challenge. I have felt unsettled about continuing the daily challenge as it is. I’ve had fun though realize I am not getting my commissions and other art projects completed in a timely manner. I am beginning to fall into the habit of painting the challenge, which is meant to be an exercise prior to more focused works, then stopping!  So, I’m at an impass as to where I should be going with this. Am I comfortable displaying exercise sketches with everyone? Is this anything anyone else even cares to see? Perhaps there is something else I could be sharing with others, something more meaningful than simple 1hr oil sketches? I feel the need to think about this topic more. But, for today, I have attached an oil painting image I painted of Brattleboro, VT’s, West River, It’s a 12 x 12″ on canvas and currently displayed at Ingram Fine Art’s and Antiques out of Wiscasset, ME. If anyone has advise or tips or ideas please feel free to share them with me. I think it may help to hear what others are doing out there. What challenges are you setting for yourselves?


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