Heather & Blitz


A few weeks ago I met Heather & her american bull dog Blitz! Though our greeting was virtual it hardly matters. One can hold a story close regardless of it’s transmission. Blitz was one of those dogs with an uncomfortably hot & sticky start to life. Chained in the heat of day to a tree, no food, no water. Blitzies initial fate was burned skin & bug bites all over his body. This is when Heather who lived in his Boston neighborhood saw him & took charge of this dogs future. She spoke to the owner of her intention. She gave them a chance to care for him. When they did not respond she told them she was taking him or getting the authories involved. This was when Blitzies life really began. Heather tended to her new dogs needs & in time Blitz flourished. He accepted Heather’s children as new borns & became an indomitable & faithful friend. He did suffer from skin problems after his rescue for the rest of his life. But, he found a fabulous home with love & the much needed care he deserved. Who could ask for more? I’ve seen the photos of this dog & his grin spells out HAPPY! Love & be loved…seems a natural choice to me although we can never know what burdens others bare so I try my best not to judge. Blitz did eventually succumb to cancer & left Heather with his warm memory.  Blitzies life cut short to ‘cancer’. Personally, I have contemplated this desease for years. Why? Why cancer do you show up in so many amounts of animals & people? In this case it conceivably could have been from too much UV radiation from the sun when tied to that tree in the heat of summer. Did you know sun can damage the genetic material in skin cells. If this DNA damage is excessive it can be the catalyst for cells to grow out of control, which may lead to cancer. I cannot say for sure my research is minimal & so many variables exist. I have my own suspicions though & I beleive in eating organic if at all possible. I definitely consider cutting out processed foods as much as possible and personally I exlude meat or anything pumped with hormones or anti biotics from my diet too. I do not support factory farms in any way at all. I don’t spray my garden with poisons. Consider the leap from our environment to what we consume to desease. It is not far reaching! You are what you eat! Our dogs in many cases suffer the same fate. It’s a double edged sword. We love our pets & families yet do you really know the cost of feeding over processed foods with dyes & chemical by products are? It’s expensive & time consuming to make all our meals from scratch, but, what is the cost? Really…what is the cost??? Tumors in our families & pets!?! I am purely brainstorming here. These connections have already been made by others & refuted by others. As I veiw it it’s all connected. A healthy life with protection from toxic chemicals. Is this too much to ask? You may or may not beleive in the theory of global warming it is a choice of course. Though the way I see it is if there is a chance we could make a difference in our ozone layer or our children’s future surely we should take it. After all what we do will show up in our children’s future. Perhaps more cancer from UV rays or from eating foods adulterated by chemicals. Now let’s face at least one thing…there is no denying fertilizer run off that pollutes our waters! Be concious in your actions. It will enrich lives, especially your own. And, so let’s bring this back to Blitz, his struggle, his happiness, his life & Heather & her desire to memorialize her faithful friend so she can see him again on a daily basis smiling with this incredibly large & exceedingly happy face by the lake with his best humans.

In this commissioned painting I am reaching for a good likeness of Blitz. I will post my efforts in stages here on my blog. After my last blog series I was left somewhat deflated at my artistic attempts & I was left wanting. I wanted more passion, more dedication & more concious effort…though with that said I wanted it without TOO much effort!! A balancing act. So, here I have found in Heather & Blitz a subject that really means something. An animal rescued from difficult conditions, a love story, & the loss of life to the tradedy of cancer. The drawing process here, though overworked for a watercolor, was an exceedingly pleasurable process.  I did lay down more graphite than I would have liked. However, I decided to push on with this start to it’s fruition hoping the spirit of Blitz will rise & bring something to this painting.

As always thanks so much for taking the time to read and view my blog. May the road rise up to meet you! Much respect & gratitude.

Heidi Lorenz


7 comments on “Heather & Blitz

  1. I knew I wanted to find an amazing artist to paint a forever painting of my blitzie boy. One for me (us) to cherish and hang proudly in our home. What I didn’t know was what an amazing artist I would find (Carla Mora sincerely thank you) in Heidi Lorenz. She is genuinely interested in our story, truly enthusiastic about blitz and the thought of painting a picture for me to cherish. Although we have only spoken over email I can feel her want to paint me an amazing piece. I am truly honored that she would ask to write about blitz, how we rescued him and her process of painting this masterpiece. We are honored and Blitz is definitely smiling down from heaven. ❤️

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    • Awe, Heather….thank you so much! Your words are rich reward & it is I who am honored to paint your Blitzie boy! So much gratitude to you & your determination to make a good life for this boy!


  2. Reblogged this on ~ heidi * lorenz ~ and commented:

    I am attempting to share this blog on fb and other media, but, am having problems with the image being visible…anyone have advice here! I haven’t changed anything in the way I approach these blogs and images, but, for some reason the image no long displays when posted to fb??


    • Whoops I see what your talking about. When I shared your blog and our story, all you see on the link is heather & blitz and an empty box above it. However once u log into the link u can see his handsome mug. 😀


      • Oh right, yes, hmmm, I wonder if I can fix this?? I hope so I like having images for others to at least show some interest in reading the blog. It’s getting late tonight, but, will attempt to remedy this tomorrow!


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