Heather & Blitz

I am attempting to share this blog on fb and other media, but, am having problems with the image being visible…anyone have advice here! I haven’t changed anything in the way I approach these blogs and images, but, for some reason the image no long displays when posted to fb??

~ heidi * lorenz ~

A few weeks ago I met Heather & her american bull dog Blitz! Though our greeting was virtual it hardly matters. One can hold a story close regardless of it’s transmission. Blitz was one of those dogs with an uncomfortably hot & sticky start to life. Chained in the heat of day to a tree, no food, no water. Blitzies initial fate was burned skin & bug bites all over his body. This is when Heather who lived in his Boston neighborhood saw him & took charge of this dogs future. She spoke to the owner of her intention. She gave them a chance to care for him. When they did not respond she told them she was taking him or getting the authories involved. This was when Blitzies life really began. Heather tended to her new dogs needs & in time Blitz flourished. He accepted Heather’s children as new…

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