Heather & Blitz ~ Day Three


Day three of contemplating Blitz. Here in NH overcast skies with intermittent showers provided me with the ideal studio day. I could hardly set my brush down today & so I haven’t shown all the individual steps here & instead I photographed my ending point for today. My process was to continue applying color washes working in one area at a time then jumping to another area as the last section dried. I worked the background a tad & then worked the foreground floating all around the paper slowly working out the values & trying to keep an overall balanced appearance. As an oil painter I still toil over how dark to make the darks & how to keep the white of the paper for the light areas. It’s a real task to wrap my brain around & it will take practise & lots of experimentation to acheive. I couldn’t resist getting some tighter brushwork in, although, there is still a lot of general blocking in of shapes too. Another thing about myself that I noticed is that I am prone to work on the detail before it’s time. Watercolor I am finding demands you build the values up more slowly one layer at a time…I’m learning! I hadn’t anticipated getting in any of the real dark features such as the nose & eye, but, again it is so hard to resist the features that really add instant impact. I’m excited to get back to my easel tomorrow for more discoveries. Blitz I do hope I can do you justice.

Thanks again for taking time out of your day to browse over my words & art.




2 comments on “Heather & Blitz ~ Day Three

  1. Heidi I am genuinely blessed to have found you. I am speechless on how you are making him come to life on paper. Not only have you done Blitz Justice (even at this point of the painting) but you have surpassed my exceptions. I cant believe it…truly. Sincerely, Blitz’s Momma Heather

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    • Heather this is so heartwarming to read. I’m rewarded by first you finding and choosing me to paint your beloved dog, but, also by taking a bath in your kind words…I think this may well be what one would call a win win! Thanks so much for your kind enthusiasm!


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