Heather & Blitz ~ Day Five


It was a rough day on the farm today. Nothing earth shattering has happened however I did wake with a headache that haunted me & left me low functioning.  I have barely done a thing. I played with my grand daughter…feed the horses & other animals then watched my son fill his truck for a dump run. I almost thought the day was a complete wash so I was thrilled that at around 4pm I felt well enough to at least examine Blitz. As I checked in on yesterday’s work thoug I did think ‘oh dear, I’m not sure this is going where I would like it to go!?’ Nevertheless, after a couple hours with Blitzie & some brushes I feel I may have completed this work?? I am always my own worst critic so of course I can see where I would have made changes if I were to attempt this painting again. The paint does not flow seamlessly over the paper as I would like & I did have to break out some white acrylic to save me. What I like is that this painting has really helped me to formulate the words & ideas of things I would like to work on with my next watercolor painting. I am able to let this work go now to it’s new home & I will call upon Heather, Blitz’s human! Heather please let me know if you are happy with my rendition of your beloved boy. It was amazing getting to hear a little of your story with Blitz & I am grateful you allowed me to write about him as well as paint him. The writing process while working really helps me focus on the methods I’m using & helps me to see what I would like to change in the future. This, to me, is similar to a mindfulnes meditation.

Thanks to all who are paying attention with warm regards,

Heidi Lorenz



One comment on “Heather & Blitz ~ Day Five

  1. You are truly amazing and I am forever grateful for this amazing creation. Thank you from the Bottom of my heart


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