I’m an artist living on a horse farm in Goshen, NH, USA. I’ve travelled most of my life having a father in the US Army and a mother from Great Britain. The farm house where I currently live has been the first place I have lived steadily for more than ten years. I have settled into country life with my beloved family, horses and other various farm animals nicely. This is home. A place where I can wake up and feel rejuvinated every day. Where I never tire of getting up and outdoors each morning regardless of weather conditions because farm life requires it. As a child and into teenagehood I had always wanted to become ‘an artist’ though feared my talents where lacking. I’d also wanted to own horses though wondered how that would happen. The mind is a powerful tool though and it didn’t take too long to discover once one sets an intention if you are faithful, consistantly persistant, and dedicated enough to do the work one can arrive exactly where one would like to be.  So, here I am with many years of consistant effort and I finally feel I have something worth sharing. There is an emotional side of me that becomes visable through my paintings and it depicts a great love and inspiration of wildlife, vast ocean expanses, wistful rolling landscapes, culture, diversity and LIFE. Typically, until now, I have kept my emotions under lock and key…being brought up in Great Britain I tended to keep that ‘stiff upper lip’ as they say. Though here I am bearing my soul to literally  anyone willing to read this websites content. I have started a blog to share my story alongside my artistic creations. Thank you for taking your valuable time in reading this and to explore my site.


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