Day 9 ~ Painting A Day Challenge

Here I am on Day 9 of my challenge. I have finished this painting earlier than all of my previous pieces. On this daily challenge I am not trying to please anyone else with a likeness of their pet so I suppose I appear haphazard and laxidasical. Technically this painting is weak. The subject though I love! I have wanted to depict these fascinating birds for many years!!! The reference image I used was one I pulled from the web spontaniously this morning. My rendition is poor in it’s perspective and accuracy of detail and not creative of me at all. Nonetheless, this is what I came up with for today. It has at the very least inspired me to do more with crows and/or ravens.

Over the next several days I will continue this challenge of a painting a day, however, I will be away from my studio. So while away I will keep sketches simple though hopefully still thoughtful and pleasing.

Thanks to anyone that reads my blog and views my work! I appreciate critics, thoughts and ideas. If anyone would like me to sketch something inparticular simply send along a photo to I will do my best to work your favs into my challenge.

  • Ravens or crows?
  • 7 x 5″
  • Watercolor on hotpress
  • $25.00

4 comments on “Day 9 ~ Painting A Day Challenge

  1. Heidi! It’s very creative. It leaves the viewer a host of interpretations. That’s what art is about in my primitive mind. Don’t say it if you don’t need to. Don’t draw that line if it’s not needed. The painting will endure. I like it.

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  2. Hey Chris you are the best always have great advice and kind words. My mum just told me the paintings though have been cropped in my wordpress posts, arghh! So, you may not even be seeing all of this image…look on fb for the entire thing…I’m trying to work out why they are cropped here???


    • Ha,ha! They did crop it to show just part of a wing, and I had to imagine the rest. It worked very well. It goes to show the old saying that less is more. But I really like your whole painting. There’s a a lot of action there, and I like crows.

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